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Little Joseph Bonds With Carson, A Female Football Player Without A Forearm Who Is Like Him

Joseph Tiff is a 2-year-old little boy. Unfortunately, he was born without his left forearm.

According to this sweet little one’s mother, doctors identified this condition as symbrachydactyly. They found out that Joseph had this rare condition when she was 18 weeks pregnant. As doctors determined, this happened during the first 4 weeks of her pregnancy. That means symbrachydactyly occurred to little Joseph before his mother knew she was pregnant When Joseph’s parents figured this out, they were shattered. They regrated about how and why this happened to their beloved kid. But lately, they accepted it and stopped seeing it as a misfortune or disability for their kid.

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By today, Joseph’s parents share information about his condition through his Instagram account which is managed by his parents. Joseph is also identifying that he has a different left arm compared to what other people have. Joseph’s parents initiated a campaign called the Lucky Fin Project. The vision of this project is to network with people who have limb differences, like Joseph, and help them with their needs. They aim to inform people about this condition and normalise it within society. As Joseph’s mother described, their ultimate goal is to make people realise that people with this condition are not disabled, but they are differently abled.


Recently, some pictures shared on Joseph’s Instagram account grabbed the attention of a large audience. In those pictures, Joseph was with Carson Picket, the defender of the Orlando Pride football team. The speciality was that Carson doesn’t also have her forearm.


This lovely baby boy’s mother explained that they were invited to the Orlando Pride home opener, and that’s when they met Carson. The staff of the team facilitated their meeting with Carson.


They went to watch a few matches, and at the end of each match, Carson came to see little Joseph, and they both spent some time together. According to Joseph’s mom, it is so lovely and sweet the way these two friends are with each other, hugging and chuckling. It seems like they have known each other for so long.


Their first meeting was also heartwarming. When Joseph saw Carson for the first time, he was looking at her for a few minutes without showing any reaction. Once he saw Carson’s arm, he realised that the difference he used to see in other people’s arms was not visible in Carson’s.


Soon he recognised that she didn’t also have a forearm like him. That’s when this cute little boy smiled and hugged Carson to show his familiarity with her. It seemed like their similarity made them so close.


Joseph’s parents are so happy with this new friendship because they believe that Carson is a good inspiration for little Joseph to achieve the best he can one day without hesitating because of his limb difference.



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