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At the funeral, the horse bids his owner, who never gave up on him, a final goodbye.

For some creatures, people are willing to give up on them completely, and it takes a unique individual to succeed where others have failed.

Sometimes all it takes to truly improve an animal’s life and leave a lasting impression is a little patience and affection.

This is demonstrated by a well-known true storey of the endearing relationship that existed between a guy and his horse.

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The West Virginia midwife Janna Grapperhaus told the tale of how her father had brought home Major, a “young and aggressive horse.”

Major’s previous owners tried hard to break him, even beating him and tying him to a post for four weeks without food or water, but they were unable to break him, so he remained wild.

Janna stated, “Within minutes of dad bringing him home, he tore through five strands of fence and would bite and strike at anyone within range.”

However, Janna’s father took the time to gain Major’s trust rather than “breaking” him. Others have doubts about this approach. According to Janna, her mother gave the horse the moniker “Major Deal” because she believed it was “going to kill him.”

Nevertheless, Janna stated, “My dad never broke him… he earned his heart,” demonstrating the father’s devotion to the horse. “Dad toiled for hours and hours every day to gain the trust of that mistreated horse.”


After two years of arduous labour, Major’s hard work paid off when his owner finally trusted him enough to let him ride.

Eventually, the wild horse was tamed against all difficulties. However, it went beyond that: the guy and his horse truly loved one other.

Janna wrote, “Major would kiss dad on the head repeatedly when he went out.” “Only equestrians could ever truly comprehend the bond they had.”

Regretfully, Janna’s dad died not too long ago. Not only did his cherished horse attend his funeral in mourning, but so did his family and friends. Janna wrote, “Letting Major say farewell felt only fitting.”

And at a touching moment, Major walked up to the coffin and gave it a “last kiss.”

Facebook / Janna Grapperhaus Midwife

Since then, the lovely narrative has received over 166,000 shares on Facebook and gone popular on social media.

Janna writes, “Love won out in the end.” It’s a story that demonstrates the strength of love and patience as well as how we can truly create wonderful ties with animals.



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