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In the middle of a Michigan farmers’ field, the woolly mammoth’s fossil was found

Michigan was digging in an open field to drain the field when, around eight feet in depth, they ran into something that resembled wood. According to The Detroit Free Press reports, the farmers quickly realized they had not hit the wood but bones.

Credit: knowing daily

Are they talking about a DinosAuR-related bone? They contacted the University of Michigan, who informed Daniel Fisher at the University’s Museum of Paleontology. After arriving at the scene, Fisher determined that it was not the DinosAuR that the farmers found. It was a Mammoth.

Credit: knowing daily

Fisher and his coworker only had one day to find the mammoth’s skeleton because farmers had to complete their work, as per The Free Press. They discovered an animal head, tusks and vertebrae, and ribs. The missing pieces could have been removed by humans who might have killed the mammal to feed.

Credit: knowing daily

There have been at least 30 or so more Mammoth discovered in the state according to the Free Press reports; this one, Fisher told the paper, could be possibly a Jeffersonian Mammoth -a hybrid that’s not as much of the same as a Woolly Mammoth and not quite a Columbian Mammoth, but still gigantic and impressive, and definitely unlike what you’ll find in daily fieldwork.



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