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A 74-year-old woman battles alligators to keep her Golden Retriever

Many people will do whatever it takes to protect their pets, even if it involves putting themselves in danger’s way. We’ve heard reports of pet owners risking their lives to save their beloved pet’s life (and pets are the same for the owners of their pets).
One woman, aged 74, was able to take on the alligator to rescue her golden retriever.


The Palm Beach Post reported that Suzan Marciano, from Boca Raton, Florida, was walking her dog Nalu close to a lake on the evening of the 24th of August.

After playing with the ball and frolicking, the two enjoyed the lake with the golden retriever buried within the waters. However, Suzan remembers that her “heart dropped” when she observed a dark area in the water creeping into her pup.
This was an alligator with a length of more than six feet and, in a flash, was holding Nalu inside its jaws.


Without thinking, the older woman was quick to rescue her dog. “I did what I was able to do. I landed on the alligator with all of my mass,” She told Palm Beach Post.
The gator let go of Nalu and then focused on Suzan and chewing on her hands. “It was one massive blur. I was in complete shock. I did not feel discomfort,” she recalls.
Two, Suzan and Nalu, were able to survive the trauma. However, both suffered perforations that necessitated hospitalization. Suzan was treated with five stitches to her hand, while Nalu was treated for two hours for her stomach and thigh.
Both were “traumatized” by the ordeal They were both “traumatized.” Suzan claims she was scared to return to the park for several weeks: “I was still seeing the shadow, with two eyes looking upwards from above the water. This image was always coming in my head,” she told the Palm Beach Post.


As reported by the Post says that according to the Post, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was able to investigate the area as a reaction to an incident. Still, they could not locate any alligators within the lake. A spokesperson for the program said that they “proactively address alligator threats.”
This is a frightening incident. Although Suzan and Nalu suffered injuries and scars, they all survived. It shows how brave pet owners can be when their pets are in danger.



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