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The loving father saved his life, and the cute baby deer won’t say goodbye! (With Video)

The Fawn Believes That The Man Who Saves her Life Is His Father!

Lithuanian Outdoorsman Darius Sasnauskas Witnessed Two Fawnings Born in His Backyard near Yellowstone National Park, The United States
Unluckily, one of them got hurt, and her family left her. She cannot live alone, so Darius makes the decision to bring her home. She assumed Darius was her father since he took care of the cub.

It’s time to release this baby deer because her condition has improved. But their bond is so strong that she keeps running into Darius. The Fawn refused to leave Darius since he had saved her life.
Every four hours, Darius fed her, and his dog started to adore her.
Darius admitted that he opposes the keeping of wild animals as pets, but he took her in because the circumstance was unusual and she wouldn’t have been able to survive on her own in the presence of so many predators.

Darius Attempts to Release her Back into The Wild, but she always returns to him to show her gratitude.

After some time, her mother returned, and the Fawn was reunited with her family. She then went on to live in the wild. Darius saw the Deer again a few months later, this time a young Fawn that had grown up quickly and was making the most of life.
He was kind enough to rescue the baby, fix its leg, feed it, and return it to its mother.

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Video – YouTube
According to, Lexnau
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