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Zoo celebrates beginning of new child japanese bongo, a severely endangered species

It’s always a special day at a zoo. At the same time, a new infant animal is born, especially while they may be part of an endangered species. Each fresh start is vital to ensure the species’ future survival.

Now, one zoo is celebrating the transport of an cute japanese bongo, a critically endangered species.
Potter Park Zoo, in Lansing, Michigan, presently added that a woman japanese bongo changed into born at the zoo on March five to a mother named Uzuri. The new child calf is the fifth jap bongo born inside the zoo’s facts and best the second because of the reality 2014.


The jap bongo is a species of antelope local to sub-Saharan Africa. They are the zero.33-largest antelope worldwide, prominent by the use of their white-yellow stripes and long, spiraling horns.
The species is listed using IUCN as significantly endangered, threatened in the wild using logging and poaching. Meanwhile, fewer japanese bongos are left inside the wild than in captivity.

Given their rarity, the zoo says the begin is good news for this very prone species. “Bongo are severely endangered, so each starting is particular,” Potter Park Zoo’s Director of Animal Health Dr. Ronan Eustace stated in a press release. “The calf seems healthful and the mother has raised calves successfully.”


There are about three hundred eastern bongos in AZA-familiar zoos within the US. Potter Park Zoo says breeding applications like theirs “play an crucial function in preventing their extinction.”

The eastern bongo is a particular and exquisite species. Both female and male jap bongos broaden their high-quality horns, a rarity in antelope species. The zoo says moreover they have got surprising listening to abilities.

The new arrival is likely a bittersweet moment for the zoo, who simply this week suffered the absence of honestly one in every of their oldest jap bongos, Bella. In a Facebook put up they may be pronouncing that Bella turn out to be 14-and-a-half-years-antique at the time of her dying, nicely beyond the median lifestyles expectancy of a bongo in human care.

The new baby calf is bonding with her mom interior, and the animal care team of workers says she is healthy and gaining weight. While she’s within the lower back of-the-scenes right now, zoo visitors can probably see the newborn inside the near destiny.

They write that the thrilling information of her starting will “inspire extra people to act in protective and retaining endangered species similar to the japanese bongo.”



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