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The man helped rescue a pair of abandoned pit bulls — they thanked him for saving him from assault.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, it’s preferable to adopt from shelters. It’s an opportunity to give a new lease to an animal who is abandoned or homeless.

When you save an animal, they’ll also help you back. This is what one man found out when the dogs he had adopted helped help him out.

A man named Robert McGowan discovered two pit bulls at the local shelter. As per the Dodo, the dogs lived an unhappy time in the past and had been abandoned.


This isn’t surprising, as Pitbulls tend to be the most commonly-used breed of dog you will find in shelters, and their reputation for being aggressive breeds discourages people from adopting them.

However, Robert offered his heart to these poor dogs, adopted them, and gave them the names Ellabelle and Ladybug.

He provided them with a warm home, and the pit bulls were kind and gentle dogs.
In a recently-recent incident, dogs exposed their true nature.
A few nights ago, Robert was working in his garage when he was attacked in the face by four people. They slapped him, gave him a black eye, and then aimed to steal his vehicle.

They demanded keys, and Robert informed him that the keys were in. 

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They had no idea what else would be inside.
A moment later, two pit bulls came to protect their owner with their barks and chased the perpetrators away.

“They ran them away,” Robert told The Dodo. “My girls ran to the garage and sat over me.”

“They were barking at me and yelling at me to make it clear that they would not do anything to me. The four of them walked off.”

Robert says the dogs are gentle and aren’t aggressive, despite the reputation of the breed… however, they’ll not be afraid to become defensive when their pet is in danger.
This story demonstrates how loving and loyal the rescue dog can be. It’s easy to imagine what things could have turned out had Robert not brought them home. Robert asked people who read his account to think about adopting.

“They are rescue dogs. Unwanted dogs,” he wrote. “They helped me save my life. Consider adopting a rescue. They could help save your life as well.”

Let’s celebrate the Pitbulls who have shown courage! Help spread the word about the incredible rescues that can happen. Share this fantastic tale!


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