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Jonathan, the oldest tortoise and living mammal, celebrates its 190th birthday.

You cannot often celebrate an individual’s birthday on the 190th anniversary — and we’re confident that it has never been seen before.
This was until this weekend when Jonathan, the most senior tortoise ever recorded and the world’s most ancient living land mammal big 190th birthday by throwing an enormous celebration.


The South Atlantic island of St. Helena, where Jonathan has been a resident since 1882, has been hosting events in honor of the world’s most famous tortoise throughout the year.
Although Jonathan’s birthday isn’t yet known, the family decided to celebrate December 4 as his birthday and had three days of celebrations on the weekend.
Jonathan, who lives in the Governor’s Mansion on the island, is the governor. He is. Helena’s most well-known resident and the most famous star. Jonathan’s face has been featured on stamps and the five-pence coin.
Teeny Lucy, the head of the neighborhood SPCA, told the Dodo, “Jonathan is an icon in this area. “He is a wise-old-man who has seen it all. He was an adult when he landed at St. Helena in 1882, and he has seen the arrival and departure of generations of people.”

enormous tortoise Jonathan guessed that Plantation House St. Helena Island had been there for 150–200 years.

The giant tortoise Jonathan, estimated between 150 and 200 years old, is on Plantation House St Helena Island.
His remarkable life span brought him two critical distinctions. In 2019 when he turned 187, he was officially recognized as the oldest living land animal.
Jonathan was declared the most old tortoise in the spring of this year. In an official press release on January 12, Jonathan was said by Guinness to be the “oldest chelonian,” which includes all turtles, tortoises, and Terrapins.
He has re-emerged from the position of the previous record-holder, Tu’imalila, who was at least 188 before the year 1965, when he passed away.
“Being the longest-lived land animal on earth, He has almost an opulent status in this country,” Lucy added. “He is a gentleman who behaves with a smile when people move slowly around him. We’re all delighted with his.”


Jonathan is around 190 h. However, it could be even older. The age estimate is based on his arrival in Saint Helena from Seychelles in 1882. He had been classified by the local press as “fully maturing,” which means he was probably 50 years old in the year at that time. So the year he was born was 1832 at the most recent date.
It isn’t easy to comprehend how long Jonathan has lived. His birth year was 1832. Andrew Jackson was the US president, and Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of England. His life spans both the Civil War and World Wars, and he was alive for years before the development of flight and was already 137 when he first set foot on the moon.
We can safely say tortoises can talk. Jonathan would have many stories to share.

Jonathan (left) with another tortoise in 1886 (Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)

Despite being more than two centuries of age, Jonathan remains in reasonably good health. Jonathan is blind and lacks sensual sense, yet Jonathan still has the desire (and the sexual desire) of a young tortoise.
“His hearing is great, and he enjoys the company of other humans. He also is very responsive to Joe Hollins’ voice when he associates him with a meal,” the St. Helena Government said to Guinness.
“He enjoys bananas; however, they can make his mouth swollen. Lettuce heart, although not the best for health, is his favorite,” added Jonathan’s vet, Joe Hollins, saying the tortoise is also fond of apples, cucumber, cabbage, and other fruits.
Hollins added that Jonathan is “seen often as a mate” with his tortoise, Emma, and Fred.


The world has witnessed some changes over the last 200 years, but Jonathan is the same. Jonathan has brought happiness to generations of residents — and may continue to be around for years.
“He is a popular local icon symbolizing perseverance even in the face of the changing world,” Hollins said.
Jonathan is an absolute legend and is still looking young and healthy for his years! We wish Jonathan many healthy and happy years ahead!



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