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Stone Mandalas Created By The Shore By Environmental Artist Jon Foreman Are Breathtaking

Stone mandalas produced by environmental and land artist Jon Foreman are works of art in and of themselves. Jon is a well-known maker of adorable arrangements on seashores using stones, driftwood, and other materials that he finds. He is from the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire. These preparations, which come in the form of mosaics and mandalas, have distinctive designs and eye-catching colorations.
He gathers stones that vary in size, shape, and color, then arranges them in striking designs. In Foreman’s artwork, large circles, dramatic swirls, and intricate patterns convey the great allure of rocks. He learned several less obvious qualities from his work with stones.
As a creator operating on numerous Land Art office work, he constantly searches for
something “particular.” No reliance in case you use stones or leaves, whether within
the wooded region or at the beach. He has also produced works in abandoned
locations using materials like shattered glass, ashes, and other normal
trash. An full-size variety of scales characterizes his art work; for instance,
he may fashion some thing delicate and understated out of stones or driftwood.
Keep scrolling to discover some motivations for your self. You can view in addition
examples of his paintings on his Instagram account.

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