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The dog is comforted by a deputy who is cold and hurt after being hit by a car and waits until assistance arrives

Police officers are required to protect their community, the people, and the animals.
This is what one heartwarming image of a deputy sheriff who went above and beyond the line-of-duty to help a hurt dog demonstrates.
A car accident involving an animal happened in December 2018 and Osceola County Sheriff’s Office officer Josh Fiorelli was there.


He was the only person on the dog’s side. He called animal control, but the dog lay injured. He knew he needed to create something particular for his dog while she lay wounded on the cold floor.
“It was cold outside. She was damp,” Fiorelli told WFTV. “She was alone, and there wasn’t anyone around, so I decided I’d play the one to help her.”
He wrapped his jacket around the pet and then reassured her with a pet. The dog was very grateful to him for his kindness.
“I am aware that many dogs are defensive after they’re injured,” the deputy said. “She wasn’t defensive in any way. She was very accepting of me wanting to pet her and to take good care of her.”


It was an ordinary gesture of kindness that was not intended to attract media attention. Still, when someone else took an image of the touching moment, Fiorelli was hailed as a hero.
“Thank you, Deputy Fiorelli, for your dedication and compassion,” The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office wrote.
“It requires an extraordinary person to help this injured dog,” one commented.
The dog was ill and injured, and she suffered a leg dislocation but generally anticipated a complete recovery. The dog was taken to the Osceola County Animal Shelter, where they planned a procedure on the pet.
She was without an ID chip, and the shelter waited for someone else to claim her. It’s unclear who claimed the dog or if she was ever put up for adoption.
The main thing to remember was that she found a compassionate person beside her when she needed it the most.
Fiorelli hopes his new pal will find a suitable place to live and be microchipped. “Keep in mind that they are. They could be just part of your life, but you’re their complete day-to-day existence,” Fiorelli told WFTV.
Thank you, Deputy Fiorelli, for your kindness to this dog! Please share this heartwarming story!


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