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Adams took this beautiful picture of a yellow penguin in the Antarctic

Yellow Penguin is just another fantastic occurrence that demonstrates the creative art that nature can provide. A moment like this, with its creative wonders spanning billions of years, is one that I’ve never had the good fortune to be able to capture with a wildlife photographer. Therefore, the photographer who specialized in animals was Yves Adams, an adventure guide. During one of his expeditions in the South Atlantic, he came across a species of animal that was entirely new to him.

More Info & Image Courtesy: Yves Adams

The photographer from Belgium was astonished to see this event, and he turned into able to seize some precise pix of this animal. Even though it had over one hundred 000 different colonies, this was the only yellow penguin that would be discovered there

Upon arriving, Yves examined this peculiar sight and determined it was an uncommon pigment mutation. It is called leucism, and only one in 20,000 to 14,000 people are affected by this mutation. This condition is sporadic. This is the first-time a “yellow-penguin” has been photographed in such a way that it does it justice.



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