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A deaf hiker is thrown 700 feet. When rescuers finally locate her, the woman isn’t all alone.

Being young means traveling the world and experiencing other world cultures and locations. Some prefer to remain in their own country, visit an exotic country, or undertake a new challenge.
Twenty-one-year-old Amelia Milling, who is deaf, isn’t scared of taking on new challenges and has determined to climb the mountain in Alaska on her own.
However, something went wrong, and she into the snow, falling several hundred feet into the mountains. The rescue helicopter then found her, but to their delight, they discovered she wasn’t the only one.
Amelia Milling likes adventure. While many people in her age group might enjoy vacations at the beach or using their smartphones, Amelia Milling has other passions.


Amelia could decide to take an excursion of three days in Alaska. Initially, it was all going smoothly. Amelia is deaf and began her hike up a mountain when everything was a mess.
It was a matter of timing. Amelia lost her balance and fell-down the slope of the mountain covered in snow. She fell for over 300 feet before she fell into an unintentional boulder. She then dropped an additional 300 feet.

The 21-year-old woman was left in the mountains by herself. Fortunately, she did not break any bones and was able to walk. However, she had an issue that was quite serious.
After falling to the ground, Amelia had no idea exactly where she was. Amelia was lost in a darkened environment and unsure of what to do.
Frosty and more than 24 hours following her accident, Amelia knew she was in trouble.


Then, shortly following, something happened that caused Amelie’s heart to jump.
Then, she could see what appeared to be an elk in the distance. Amelia was concerned since she was aware of the behavior of wolves around people.
However, when the white dog was closer, Amelie saw that it was wearing an animal collar.


The husky, Nanook Nanook, had “guide” written on his collar. He was a guide on the trail dog who worked in the mountains, locating lost hikers and bringing them back on the trail. It’s all about finding the pet at the perfect moment!


Now Nanook had discovered Amelia and was on another mission.
Nanook was able to help Amelia locate the trail and was there all night to ensure she wasn’t left on her own.
A few days later, Amelia tried to cross a river, but strong currents dragged her underwater.
And Nanook was right there to help her. He grabbed her backpack strap and helped her escape the freezing glacier.
Amelia was the owner of a GPS receiver so that she could transmit a signal in case something happened, and then she chose to press it.


The local rescue services recognized the signal and called a helicopter to search for her.
Alaska State Troopers dispatched out to her home and brought her safely to the area’s safety along with Nanook at her side.
She declares that she considers Nanook to be her hero as the rescuers transport her back to her house.
According to police chief Eric Olsen, “the dog was a big help.”
“He’s Lassie in Alaska,” someone said.
The major figure of the day was Nanook, and it seems that this was not the first time that Nanook had been able to assist someone else in the mountains.


Nanook’s owner was informed of his heroism and was shocked Nanook was away from his home for so long.
However, it’s not the first time that Nanook has saved someone else’s life.
A young girl was stuck in the river’s current, and the dog dragged her out of the water to get her back. This is a genuinely fantastic dog!
The Lord is a mysterious God… We are grateful to God for sending us a fantastic dog.
Nanook can be described as a genuine hero who stood with Amelie all the way.
Our four-legged pals genuinely are the best friends of man. Do share with us if you think so!



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